Aerospace Services And Products, Inc.
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Wheels and Brakes are used during the two most critical phases of flight; takeoff and landing.  To ensure maximum safety, we perform Nondestructive Inspection on all wheel tie bolts, even when not manditory by the OEM; we feel this added step is only prudent.  Aerospace Services And Products, Inc. uses only aircraft grade paints, primers and coatings on wheel and brake assemblies to guard against corrosion and damage.  The aircraft urethane paint we use to coat wheel halves and brake-housings is baked to ensure maximum durability and hardness.  Repair and re-treating of minor nicks, gouges, scratches, and corrosion are included as part of the normal overhaul process, with no additional charge.  Unless otherwise specified by the customer, we use OEM recommended parts and materials.

We are certificated to perform work on all Wheel Assemblies manufactured by Goodrich, Meggitt (formerly Aircraft Braking Systems and Dunlop Aerospace), and Messier-Bugatti, and all Brake Assemblies manufactured by Goodrich, and Meggitt.
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